I have been interested in photography for many years now, but have taken to it more actively and seriously over the past ten years. While photography is not my profession (perhaps unfortunately), it is for me much more than a hobby; I like to think of it as my passion, some might say it is an addiction! Either way, I simply do not spend enough time doing what I enjoy so much - simply walking around with my camera.
I now shoot exclusively with the remarkable Fuji-X system, mostly a Fuji XT-2 and numerous lenses. 

I consider myself to be at the beginning of a continual learning journey, and I have a long way to go to take my photography to the level at which I would like it to be; the fun is in the growth and the journey, and I am always looking for ways to improve and to learn.

I am fortunate that I travel a fair amount as part of my professional life, so that gives me some opportunity to explore places that I otherwise may never get to. Contained in this website is an eclectic collection of images form around the world. Please peruse, and please feel free to critique. All comments welcome!